The Growing cost of healthcare, but spending less on food

With America going into a senior health care crisis, now more than ever is a critical time to watch your health. Not only your health but your parents or grandparents health. With the growing amount of preservatives and hormones in food and vegetables, it’s getting harder to find the right foods to eat that will not only harm the body but recover and prevent future diseases.

When you go to the grocery store, you will often see a large section of it going to fresh produce. When you enter into their whether it being a Fred Meyer or a Safeway, they have lot of fruits and vegetables that are in season but not ones that aren’t. As you age, you will want to find the freshest vegetables because you might not use the food as fast as you would when a full house of hungry children was around. You will be cooking for just two and in many cases just one. With this in mind you have more room in your grocery budget to spend more money on quality food. I personally would recommend buying organic. Buying organic not only enables you to eat healthier but it also should fix a lot of the pesticides and hormones our food is treated with today.

A recent survey was taken from the National Food and drug administration shows that there has been a precise inverse relationship between healthcare costs and the amount of money people spend on food. It’s almost as if we are shifting our way in spending money to spend more money on food instead of taking care of ourselves. Senior care and adult foster care facilities are forced into providing nutritious and value filled meals.

You can rest assure that when you visit a private adult care home (instead of a commercial assisted living center) you will find organic home cooked meals provided to residents. They all love to choose what will be the next meal because since it is a small environment they have the liberty to choose what they want to eat and what they don’t want to eat. The beauty of it is this is all while they still get there daily nutritional value and not eating bland, plain food.

Now that you know the information needed to go shop for nutritional produce in grocery stores on your own, you should be able to go into a store and decipher which is a good buy and which isn’t a good buy. If you know you will not eat the food within a certain amount of time, then you should by fruits and vegetables that aren’t ripe but just about to be ripe. Of course as explained above, if you are in an adult care home, or and adult foster care home, these nutritious meals are home made for you 3 times a day with a say of what you eat.

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